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2018 Spotlight Organization: The Boys & Girls Club of Michigan City

The Lakefront Career Network (LCN) is the young professional’s group for the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce (MCCC). Each year the LCN chooses one community organization to spotlight for the year through a unique partnership. In this partnership, the LCN can help you get the word out about your mission and bring volunteers to your doorstep. Our hope is that by connecting to a mission that resonates, LCN volunteers can connect with other great people and make a huge difference in our community.

We are very proud of the partnerships we have in the Michigan City community. Because we care very much about the impact we are able to bring to both the community and the organization, we need to be selective in the partnerships we build. This year we chose the Boys and Girls Club of Michigan City.

Stay tuned for upcoming events that will help benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Michigan City.
We look forward to our 2018 partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Michigan City!

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The LCN Spotlight Organization criteria:

  • Be a registered 501c3 organization
  • Have been established for at least 5 years
  • An organization with a strong local presence in Michigan City
  • Be willing to work with LCN Committee to coordinate involvement
  • Ability to cross-promote within networks
  • Have an active need that can benefit from this year-long partnership

A partnership with LCN can include:

  • A feature on LCN’s website
  • Social media promotion through LCN’s channels and MCCC’s channels
  • Invitation to speak on behalf of your organization at LCN Meet Ups
  • One LCN Fundraising event to benefit your organization
  • One LCN coordinated volunteer opportunity on “Day of Giving” for your organization