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As a member driven organization established over 100 years ago, the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce has wisely worked to remain relevant, reinventing ourselves over the years to provide value to our members. That resiliency and forward thinking continue to keep this organization an essential partner for businesses and organizations in the Michigan City community. The Chamber is excited about what the future holds for our organization and our membership.  We promise to connect with members, helping them grow and creating a business environment that is robust and modern.  We are here to help our business and community Connect, Grow and Thrive!


The Chamber is committed to providing members resources, meaningful business and community relationships and networking opportunities. We will engage with and work alongside like-minded partners on initiatives that benefit our community.


The Chamber is committed to providing members valuable opportunities for both personal and professional growth.  We will advocate for community development that enhances the quality of life in Michigan City.


The Chamber is committed to promoting member businesses and celebrating their successes.  We will showcase Michigan City in a positive way to attract visitors to the city, while also attracting and retaining a talented workforce for the business community.

Interested in learning more about membership? Contact us today! 219-874-6221 membership@mcachamber.com

The Chamber Education Foundation Fund (CEFF)

The CEFF is “dedicated to the enhancement of the local educational environment through efforts to achieve a high quality education in the Michigan City area.” The fund is held at the Unity Foundation of LaPorte County and was started in 2003 to enhance the quality of public education through programs not funded through tax dollars.

The CEFF has granted funds to the Michigan City Area Schools valued at over $100,000 ranging from the MAP Program for Middle Schools , Summer Camps for students, Culinary Workshops, College and Career Pathways Summit & more.

Help grow and support this worthy fund by making a donation today!

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